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I’m the author of the Connor Rix SF thrillers, because someone has to chronicle the action-packed adventures of a bio-enhanced private investigator. I also write mind-bending space opera tales, which you can explore in the Space Opera SF tab above.

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About Steve Statham


Steve has devoured science-fiction novels since he was a teenager, but didn’t actually start writing in his favorite genre until much later. Steve’s other lifetime interest was fast cars, and the dream of working at a car magazine motivated him to get his BA in journalism. Lo and behold, his plan actually worked, and after graduation Steve started his publishing career as the managing editor of Super Ford magazine.

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He then ran off to work as a freelance writer and photographer and had hundreds of magazine articles published, along with twelve non-fiction books. Later, he was hired to be the editor of Musclecar Enthusiast magazine, a job he held for seven-and-a-half years. Steve still has a hand in the automotive publishing world as part of his editing and copywriting business. Visit for a look at Steve’s automotive work.

But Steve never let that dream of writing science-fiction and fantasy die. So far, Steve has indie published seven novels (eighth coming soon) and two short story collections. Check out the menus at the top of the page for details about the books, and check out his blog for musings on various topics. Check out the Order Signed Books page to buy personalized copies of Steve’s published work. Please hit the e-store tab for a direct link to his books at Amazon, along with his recommendations of some good books by other writers. Thanks for visiting!


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