Tales of the Fantastic

Strange Trails

Every World is Yours

If you could walk between worlds, visit every version of Earth that ever existed, would you do it? Would you dare to cross paths with the fantastic creatures of legend and otherworldly beings that inhabit those alternate Earths?

Ray, a man with nothing left to lose, makes that choice when an elemental power opens up to him the endless pathways that connect the worlds. He has only one friend to guide him—a mysterious woman cut off from the rest of humanity. She may hold all the answers. She may also be the key to rebuilding his shattered life.

As Ray embraces the adventure of a lifetime, he’ll discover that reality is larger than he ever dreamed, and forgotten planes of existence lurk at the end of every path. Hidden elemental powers command the shadowlands of Earth, and bizarre creatures of legend travel endless pathways in a multiverse of alternate worlds both beautiful and terrifying.

Strange Trails is a contemporary fantasy novel where everything is possible and legendary beasts come to unforgettable life.

Previously published as Follow the Chupacabra.

Fight for the Night

The Apocalypse is Here. And it’s Very Weird.

It’s been five years since the Doom shook the world to its foundations. Rivers of stars disappeared from the night sky, the sun erupted with an outbreak of flares that scorched the Eastern Hemisphere, and an infestation of previously unknown parasites turned millions of people into mindless roaming hordes of cannibals.

The survivors are scattered, few, and desperate. One band survives in the Texas Badlands behind the walls of a great fortress built from old cars. Led by The Marshal, the denizens of the Big Wreck scrape out a living by salvaging the remains of the old world, staying a step ahead of rival gangs, and avoiding the notice of the hordes.

Survival is tough enough, but when a mysterious otherworldly object alights in their territory, it brings with it creatures spawned from the darkest nightmares. Are these new arrivals aliens? Supernatural demons? Or simply the flesh-and-blood abominations of a post-apocalyptic world? And when a wandering band of Comanche indians shows up at the gates of the fortress, it appears that time itself has been twisted in strange new directions.

Fight for the Night is a novel originally slated for the Apocalypse Weird series, but now stands on its own two clawed feet. It is a tale of desperate survival camped out at the intersection of where the Road Warrior meets the dark fantasies of H.P. Lovecraft.

On Wings of Steel

Can love conquer death?

Jean is struggling to rebuild her life after the loss of her husband, but inner peace seems a distant dream when a treasured gift from her past takes on a shocking new life of its own. But how can a mirror, sculptured steel owls, and a Halloween night come together to give her the strength to carry on?

On Wings of Steel is a slightly spooky 7,000-word short story perfect for putting you in a Halloween mood. Originally published in the Mirror, Mirror Halloween anthology, the story now soars on its own.

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