The Connor Rix SF Thriller series

Rules of Force

Book 1 of the Connor Rix chronicles

 (e-book and paperback)


Sometimes, only a bio-enhanced private investigator can get the job done. On those occasions, Connor Rix usually gets the call.
In Rules of Force, one man is leaving a trail of bodies across the Texas Republic as he brutally takes control of the market in human modifications and suppresses all competitors.
Rix takes the job to stop him, and he isn’t working alone. He has a nearly 7-foot giant on his team with a one-of-a-kind exoskeleton boosting his strength off the charts. And then there’s the night owl who never sleeps (or so she says) but that’s not her only Modification. Rix and his team must square off against an army of modified enforcers to bring down the man who seeks to rule the bio-enhancement trade. All they have to figure out now is if their famous benefactor is a friend or foe….

Levers of Power

Book 2 of the Connor Rix Chronicles
(e-book and paperback)


Have a problem with a violent superhuman outlaw? Connor Rix is the guy you call to set things right. But some problems are too big even for him when a wave of political assassinations by Modified superhumans sets off a chain of events that threatens to engulf the world in conflict.

From this chaos an old enemy of Rix resurfaces, bent on more than simply revenge. This foe seeks to eliminate the spread of human Modifications entirely, and his actions could plunge the newly-formed nations of North America into another bloody war.
Before this conflict is over Rix will meet an entirely new group of Modified men and women with astonishing powers and abilities. Whether that will be enough to stop the coming storm is another matter entirely.

Monster and Angels

Book 3 of the Connor Rix Chronicles
(e-book and paperback)
Up until now, the relentless development of human Modifications has been primarily centered on physical attributes: Superhuman strength, blinding speed, unprecedented endurance and almost instantaneous healing powers.
But suddenly a new Modification has been bio-engineered that allows people to induce specific emotions in others. The pioneers of this process, the “Transcendents,” move serenely through the population while enraptured followers revel in the profound feelings of joy and purpose they project. Some believe it is the beginning of a glorious new epoch for mankind as the Transcendents begin to spread their uplifting gift.
There are others who won’t hesitate to spill blood to contain it.
Modified private investigator Connor Rix is called to solve a brutal murder and kidnapping involving the Transcendents. But before this mystery can be unraveled he’ll have to confront a monstrous terror that he himself unleashed upon the world.

Chase the Tiger

 Book 4 of the Connor Rix Chronicles
(e-book and paperback)
The day of the bio-engineered superhuman is here, and the only limit is human imagination.
When two Animal Kids—young women modified to resemble their favorite jungle cats—hire Connor Rix to recover stolen black-market biotech, it looks like a straightforward case. No problem for a guy like Rix, with his unbreakable bones, advanced optical implant, and rewired nervous system.
But the mystery runs a lot deeper than Rix ever could have guessed. Untangling it will require getting past lethal enforcers with bizarre modifications, and facing down the larger forces operating in the background.Imagine a superhuman Phillip Marlowe in a Texas Blade Runner setting, and you’ve got Chase the Tiger, the fourth novel in the Connor Rix series of SF thrillers.

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