Gods and the Starways series

Gods and The City

(Book 1 of the Gods and the Starways series)
The War has arrived.

Humanity’s 1,000-year peace is about to be shattered. Chased from Earth by the invading Otrid, the remnants of the human race have for a millenium stayed hidden on a small moon in a distant star system. Protected by seven mysterious, god-like beings, the human race has slowly rebuilt itself, and the terrors of the past are but ancient stories.

But even the gods may not be able to protect them from what’s coming.

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Gods and the Stars

(Book 2 of the Gods and the Starways series) 


Gods are dead. The fleet is in tatters. Yet the Otrid invaders have been pushed back, for now. But a ruthless new Otrid Lord is rising, and he will not let the humans slip from his grasp.

The surviving humans of The City have to adapt quickly, or face extinction. Long-suppressed bio-technology may be one way, but not everyone is convinced. They must find the missing gods and rebuild their defenses. Most important of all, they must discover if the legendary new world being created for them actually exists, or if it’s just one more false hope.   

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Book 1: Blade of the Overlord


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Alien Texas

(Short Story collection, e-book and print)

Okay, technically this isn’t space opera, but if you’re in the mood for some down-in-the-dirt alien invasion stories, check out this quick read. Alien Texas includes a trio of short stories imagining the consequences of three very different invasion scenarios.

Perfect Capture

An Austin tech start-up is on the verge of releasing the Next Big Thing in virtual reality; perfect 3D re-creations of hip concerts, raucous civic celebrations and performances by beloved local artists. But when they “capture” their first event, they capture something else they never expected.

One Last Battle

A disabled veteran of the alien wars on Gliese 832c tries to rebuild his life in the Gulf Coast town of Port Aransas. But he’ll find no rest until he figures out a way to deal with the hidden intruder he brought back from the war.

After They Leave

The invading aliens were routed. The people of Earth remain free. But now a lone rancher has to deal with the creatures the aliens left behind. Are these horrifying monsters forgotten pets, escaped livestock, or something worse?

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