Summer Newsletter

As per usual, I’m writing in a number of different directions this summer. I’ve always got a novel under construction, and I’ve got some automotive work floating about as well. Here’s the late-summer snapshot:

For you Connor Rix fans, the third novel in the series is underway. It’s still in the early going, but I’ll be pushing hard for a fall release. I’ve already acquired an extra-cool cover, which I’ll tease you with at a later date. At the end of Levers of Power, did you wonder what the story was behind the Transcendent Modified humans? You’ll find out in this SF thriller. Plus: The return of Angie 6!

Earlier this summer I started a novel in the contemporary fantasy genre. I got about 9,000 words into it and am really pleased with how it is unfolding. I set it aside to get the third Connor Rix title underway, but I really can’t wait to finish this one. It’s a shadow-world kind of thing, set in the American Southwest.

On the automotive side, I’ve got an article on track-prepping your car in the August Team Shelby newsletter. I’d supply a link, but the newsletter is a benefit for paid members of the club, so it’s behind a firewall. If you’d like to see learn more about Team Shelby and get your hands on the newsletter, go here. I’ve also been given an assignment for the Shelby Annual that will be in print at the end of the year.

I’ve got a drive report on the Lotus Evora IPS coming out soon in I’ll update with a link as soon as it goes live. (Update! Here’s the Lotus story.)

Other than that? Staying in the shade, grilling assorted meats, quaffing the occasional ale. But I better get back to the keyboard if I want to have a fall newsletter full of new book releases and fun article links. Some cool stuff is brewing if I can pull it all off!


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