Upcoming Release

godsandthecity-1Sneak peek time! My next book is close to release, and here’s an early  look at the cover. This novella is pure space opera—here’s the synopsis:

A thousand years in the past, humanity was attacked by hostile aliens and reduced to a handful of survivors. At the moment of greatest peril, the new gods of mankind were raised up. They pushed back the invaders and carried the shattered remnants of the human race to outposts where the survivors could rebuild human civilization.

The greatest of these redoubts is The City, a domed jewel on a small moon circling a stormy gas giant planet. The god Tower is its protector.

But when The City is assaulted by a power that rivals even that of the guardian god, the burden of protecting mankind’s future will fall to others. And what can mere men and women do against forces that can reshape and manipulate the universe itself?

Talia is a Radiant Acolyte in the temple of the gods. She knows the secrets and history of mankind’s protectors better than anyone.

Mik is a skilled technician who can see through the dazzling magic of the divine forces that power The City to the truth that lies beneath it.

Upon these two will fall the burden of protecting mankind’s future.

But the cost may be the very things that make them human.


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