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Book Signing. And Beer.


Yeah, I’m looking forward to this one. I’m part of a local author book signing event at Circle Brewing Company in Austin on October 3. Come meet the authors, buy some books and sample a pint or two. Hey, anything involving books, beer and Michael Bunker has got to be fun. Check out the Facebook event page for details and updates.


Books and Beer

Books on Tap and Circle Brewing Company
Books on Tap and Circle Brewing Company

Two subjects that are close to my heart—books and beer. Circle Brewing Company is one of Austin’s fast-growing independent breweries, and Books on Tap is an independent bookstore in the making. They teamed up this weekend at Georgetown, Texas’, annual Red Poppy Festival, giving a glimpse of what’s to come.

Books on Tap plans to combine a craft beer tap wall with the charm of a locally-owned bookstore. The people behind it are renovating a building on the town square in Georgetown, so this should be one bookstore with a lot more character than you’ll find in your average shopping center. Austin is practically overflowing with quality microbreweries, so the tap wall alone will be worth visiting. And after following Books on Tap’s Facebook page, it’s clear these people know their literature. It sounds like a great concept, as discussing books over a pint is one of life’s fundamental pleasures. They already have an online store operating, and plan to open the storefront later this year. Picture me raising a glass to their success.