Swamp Creatures Always Make Hulk Angry

As we excavated deeper into the stacks as part of our continuing celebration of The Incredible Hulk’s 50th anniversary, we came across this gem from 1970. Meet The Glob. Oh, sure, swamp creatures are everywhere now, but back then it was a novel idea for a villain. (Well, as novel as any other Marvel bad guy.)

Here’s your dose of Hulk trivia for the day: Marvel’s most famous swamp creature, the Man-Thing, first appeared in 1971. That makes The Glob the beta test version of the Man-Thing. Or maybe the true king of the swamp. I dunno. Let them fight it out.

What I do know, however, is that Marvel’s licensing arm needs to get busy turning this cover into one of those hipster retro/ironic T-shirts.


2 thoughts on “Swamp Creatures Always Make Hulk Angry”

  1. This was one of the very first comics I ever bought. It came in a four pack plastic sleeve with, if I remember right a Fantastic Four and Submariner #21 and another I don’t remember. I think if you bought the four pack you got a discount of a dime. 50 cents instead of 60. The Submariner was a cool issue where Atlantis attacked New York.
    But the real treasure was this Hulk where he battled the Glob. They would fight again a year or two later when the Glob returned from the dead.
    My original copy was worn out so as a young adult I found another copy in a comic shop and bought it. That one I still have.


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